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2017.08.23. Colloquium #18 (Dr. Frank Uhlmann, The Francis Crick Institute)

2017.08.09. Colloquium #17 (Dr. Takeshi Shimi, Northwestern University)

2017.08.01. Dr. Hideo Tsubouchi (Iwasaki lab) was appointed as an Assistant Professor.

2017.07.27. Press release of research (Prof. Iwasaki)

2017.07.24. Colloquium #16 (Dr. Timothy J. Stasevich, Colorado State University)

2017.07.20. Colloquium #14,15 (Drs. Hikaru Tsuchiya & Fumiaki Ohtake, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)

2017.07.10. Colloquium #13 (Dr. Lionel Larue, INSERM, The Institut Curie)

2017.07.01. Assistant Professor Dr. Yasuto Murayama (Iwasaki lab) was promoted as as Associate Professor in the Center for Frontier Research, National Institute of Genetics.

2017.06.19. Colloquium #12 (Dr. William C. Earnshaw, University of Edinburgh)

2017.05.30. Press release of research (Prof. Kimura)

2017.05.17. Press release of research (Prof. Iwasaki)

2017.04.19. Press release of research (Prof. Kimura)

2017.04.01. Previous "Cell Biology Unit" was raised to"Cell Biology Center".

2017.03.31. Colloquium #10 (Dr. Takashi Imami, Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine)

2017.03.31. Press release: choosing the right substrate for the right function: role of ubiquitin-interacting motifs in ubiquitin-specific proteases (Prof. Komada)

2017.03.16. Colloquium #11 (Dr. Masashi Narita, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute)

2017.01.24. Colloquium #9 (Dr. Matthias Feige and Dr. Johannes Buchner, Technische Universitat Munchen)

2017.01.01. Dr. Yuko Sato (Kimura lab) and Dr. Toshiaki Fukushima (Komada lab) were appointed as Assistant Professors.

2016.12.05. Unit Leader Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences.

2016.11.29. Colloquium #7 (Dr. Irina Solovei, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), #8 (Dr. Gunter Kramer, Heidelberg University)

2016.11.28. Colloquium #6 (Dr. Ana Pombo, Max Delbruck Center)

2016.11.18. International Mini Symposium "New Horizon of 3R (DNA replication, recombination, and repair"

2016.11.01. Colloquium #5 (Dr. Shintaro Iwasaki, RIKEN)

2016.10.28. Unit Leader Yoshinori Ohsumi received the Order of Culture of Japan.

2016.10.21. Colloquium #4 (Dr. Tomoko Kubori, Osaka University)

2016.10.03. Unit Leader Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

2016.09.13. Press release: a new tumor suppressor gene for breast cancer in mice (Prof. Komada)

2016.09.01. Press release: Catching histones by the tail: a new probe to track histone modifications in living cells (Prof. Kimura)

2016.07.21. Prof. Iwasaki won Kihara Prize of the Genetics Society of Japan.

2016.07.13. Colloquium #3 (Dr. Hironori Funabiki, Rockefeller University)

2016.07.12. Press release: the intrinsically disordered protein Atg13 mediates supramolecular assembly of autophagy initiation complexes (Honorary Prof. Ohsumi)

2016.07.04. Colloquium #2 (Dr. Satoshi Yoshida, Gunma University)

2016.06.10. Unit Leader Honorary Prof. Ohsumi won Dr. Paul Janssen Award.

2016.06.03. Colloquium #1 (Dr. Timothy J. Stasevich, Colorad State University)

2016.04.16. Cell Biology Unit Kick-off Symposium

2016.04.01. Recruitment of International Graduate Students

2016.04.01. Cell Biology Unit launched in Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).